Focused on improving communities through impact development


We strive to make a positive impact on tenants, communities and the environment through thoughtful engagement and integrated development. The extent of such development activity varies greatly – some projects may require a significant investment due to the failure of core systems or a generally inhospitable living environment and other projects may be in need of green focused improvements and new support programs. Irrespective of project type or complexity, we have a strong track record of allocating the appropriate amount of resources and capital to make a positive difference in our communities.


We have a flexible approach and mandate that allows us to pursue all types of impact developments, regardless of classification or difficulty. Nevertheless, one particular area of focus for our team continues to be the preservation and improvement of HUD, LIHTC and historically significant projects. It is our unwavering dedication to supporting these critical community assets that ensures the long-term health of these projects as well as enhances the daily lives for residents and surrounding community stakeholders.

Featured Properties

The Presidio

Service coordinator and support initiatives provide meaningful economic and lifestyle benefits to residents

Wright Park House

Green focused renovation provides improved living conditions for tenants and sustainable ecofriendly benefits

The Winthrop

Complex revitalization and modernization of a dilapidated community asset that was on the brink of failure