There’s a housing crisis we are motivated to solve

The shortage of high quality affordable, senior and workforce housing is one of the most critical issues facing our society and the problem is only getting worse due to economic headwinds and insufficient supply. While new construction plays an important role in helping to bridge this gap, it has not kept pace with the increasing need for affordable, high quality housing. Furthermore, existing affordable projects, many of which are nearing the end of their useful lives, are at risk of being converted to alternative uses, often deemed higher value, and many other projects are in disarray and in need of substantial capital investment.

These factors have had a ripple effect throughout the economy and have exacerbated the housing crisis, which Redwood Housing is devoted to help resolve by bringing creative, unconstrained capital to the industry and providing unparalleled focus and flexibility to help achieve common objectives, the foremost of which is to preserve the supply of these critically important assets.